6 Tips To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

As one of the beauty enhancement options, it's not uncommon for those who like to do eyelash extensions.

Usually, eyelash extensions can last from 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on how we treat them. So, here are some tips you can do so that your eyelash extensions can last longer!

Pay attention to sleeping position
One time, I had the chance to make eyelash extensions at the same time as my friend. However, in terms of endurance, my extensions lasted up to 2 weeks. Whereas my friend only lasted a few days, so many have fallen out! After investigating, my friend slept on her right side. That's why her right eyelash extension has gone bald first compared to the left one. Whereas I always sleep on my back, my eyelash extensions are safe from any movement or other pressure while sleeping. So it can last longer.

Avoid using eye makeup
I like using eyelash extensions because I don't need to do eye makeup anymore. Because my eyes already look "wow" even though I don't have my makeup on. Also, eyeshadow, eyeliner, or other forms of eye makeup make eyelash extensions dirty and difficult to clean, making them less durable.

Avoid contact with water 24 hours after lash placement
The eyelash extensions glue will work optimally after 24 hours of installation. Under that, the glue is still in a brittle position. During this weak period, avoid contact with water if you don't want a lot of your eyelash extensions to come off when you shower. If it's past 24 hours, you can wet it with water, but avoid using hot water that will loosen the glue.

Avoid rubbing your eyes
Bad news for those of you who frequently rub your eyes, this habit can make your eyelash extensions break down quickly! If indeed your eyes are itchy, you can take a cotton swab to gently scratch. Also, avoid scrubbing your face with a towel roughly after washing your face. You can try wiping the area around the eyes using a tissue slowly.

Avoid oil-based cleansers
We know that oil-based cleansers can be an effective cleaning tool, which is commonly used as a double-step cleansing. So, while using eyelash extensions, avoid using oil-based cleansers in the area around the eyes, and try replacing them with water-based cleansers. So that the glue or eyelash adhesive doesn't get damaged that it falls off.

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