3 Reasons for Acne Scars Difficult to Disappear

Acne for acne-prone skin owners sometimes feels like a cycle that doesn't end. It's not only the pimples that may not disappear but also the scars.

I am sure the acne warriors have often tried skincare and treatment products to eliminate stubborn acne scars. Until sometimes it comes to the point of "What else should I do???". Do not give up. Try going through it slowly while finding out why your acne scars are so hard to get rid of, so you can find the right solution. It could be that you are still making these three mistakes.

Not using sunscreen will make it hard to get rid of acne scars

Sunscreen has an essential role in treating acne scars or PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). The inflammation that the skin experiences after a pimple appears can cause hyperpigmentation, plus the sun's rays can exacerbate the darkening of the color or make acne scars hard to disappear. It's because sun exposure is one of the main triggers for melanin production in the skin. Besides that, skincare for acne-prone skin usually contains chemical exfoliants or active ingredients that make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

In addition to helping other skincare works in fading acne scars, sunscreens can also prevent them from appearing.


As mentioned in the previous point, skincare for acne-prone skin usually contains chemical exfoliants. Even though the skin does need exfoliation, we must pay attention to how it is applied. Too often, it becomes over-exfoliating and can damage our skin barrier. When the skin barrier is disturbed, it re-triggers hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation. Acne scars get harder to disappear or even increase, and the cycle repeats itself.

Exfoliate your skin regularly, but please be gentle with your skin and balance it with hydrating products too.

Impatient when trying skincare

There is one crucial step that is difficult to do when using skincare: be patient. Upon understanding the function of ingredients contained in the skincare products, we sometimes have the urge to try out expensive essence or serum which are known to be effective with various good reviews. If you are impatient and change your skincare too often, the results will be useless. Trust the process! Serum, toner, essence, spot treatment that you use is not without effect. But they take time to work and produce visible results.